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Situated in the center of Western Greece, near the region capital city of Patras, Villa Carlos lies conveniently close to many exquisite historic, touristic, cultural and natural destinations the whole wider area of Western Greece and the Peloponnese.

The Villa, with its 5 bedroom arrangement and many other amenities, including its peaceful countryside location, as well as its proximity to splendid beaches, restaurants, bars and a vibrant nightlife, will give you the opportunity of choosing between various styles of vacation.

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Villa Carlos is a beautiful seaside villa in the middle of the Greek countryside and near Patras, the regional capital of Western Greece. The villa, with a residence of 300 sqm, verandas and gardens, has been professionally designed, built and fitted to the highest standards and expectations. Bespoke furniture and selected works of art and decoration complete the setting and create a fully functioning environment for a luxuriously relaxed living.

The residence, providing housing up to 9 persons in 5 uniquely designed and furnished bedrooms, and 5 luxurious bathrooms, is fully equipped with air conditioning and full central heating and fireplace for winter use, and includes all modern electrical appliances and amenities, including an elevator for the upper floors. There are also telephone and internet connections, as well as satellite TV, in addition to a collection of recreational games, books, movies and musical instruments.

Villa Carlos is located in Agios Basileios, a suburb 15km from Patras. With its location, the villa combines both the tranquility of the Greek countryside and also advantages of being close to a big city with many amenities & conveniences. A car is not essential due to the proximity of the venues and the services of the local area (and since bicycles are provided by the owners), in addition to the fact that a suburban railway connects the suburbs to the city center. Nevertheless, there are many local destinations, resorts and attractions that might require a vehicle.

The city of Patras can be itself reached through many different ways. 50km west of the city lies the Araxos International Airport (GPA) connecting Patras with Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia, Poland etc. To the east, there is the Athens International Airport (ATH) with flights from all over the world. From the Athens airport there is also the suburban railway which will eventually reach directly the city of Patras (for the time being it stops near the town of Kiato). Finally, Patras has a bustling harbour with daily connections with the ports of Italy.

The local area, being a summer resort for many of the city’s residents, offers a wide range of various cafeterias, traditional taverns as well as luxurious restaurants. Furthermore, there are plenty of bars and clubs for night activities and also the Porto Rio Casino is nearby for the ones feeling lucky.

Concerning the various activities, apart from swimming, fishing and playing beach sports, there are wind, sup & kite surfing facilities nearby, there are also some rafting spots in the rivers Ladonas and Erymanthos. In addition Patras has many scuba diving and sailing schools available for courses or just for gear renting.

Regarding the land activities, except for the local countryside, the trails and the mountains that offer great routes for hiking, cycling and even climbing, there are also more organized athletics such as tennis or horse riding, and also the region offers many wineries worth visiting, and also there’s a go kart track for races near Patras.

The whole wider area of Western Greece and the Peloponnese has a recorded history spanning more than four millennia long and therefore it presents a great variety of historical sights. The tourists can visit places like the Dymaean Wall built around the 14th century BC, or the sights of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and the oracle of Delphi that flourished during the Classical & Hellenistic Ages. From there, the travellers can move on to the medieval castles of Rion, Chlemoutsi and Corinth or make a pilgrimage to the Monasteries of Agia Lavra or Mega Spilaio. There are also destinations like Lepanto or Missologhi that played a decisive role during the Greek War of Independence and there is also Kalavryta with historical incidents during WWII.

There is also an abundance of summer resorts for leisure and relaxation, like the small isle of Trizonia, Galaxidi, Nemea, and seaside villages like Psathopyrgos, Longos & Selianitika and many others. Lastly, the mounts Erymanthos, Helmos and Panachaiko, the lakes of Tsivlou & Doxa, and the gorges of Vouraikos and Neda can offer you unforgettable experiences of the beauty of the Greek countryside.

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