Local Beaches

Local Beach

the local beach is a mere 80m away from home and it’s rather quiet

Main Agios Basileios Beach

The Main Agios Basileios beach is 400m from home and has multiple beach cafeterias and bars.

Tam Toom Beach

it’s the beach outside the cafe-bar-restaurant “Tam Toom”

Dimorigopoulos Beach

It’s the next small gulf next to the “Tam Toom” beach, the beach took its name from the oldest tavern there (currently named Dimoriri).


Beaches on the West of Patras

Most of the beaches on the West of Patras are sandy ones.

Kato Achaia Beaches

In Kato Achaia, there are a couple of beaches, where there are also Beach Bars like Mayari or Sao.

Niforeika Beaches

In Niforeika there are 2 beaches, the main one, and the one under the Niforeika Beach Hotel

Lakkopetra Beaches

In Lakkopetra, there are 3 beaches: The first is of the Grecotel hotel, the second is of the Ionian Beach Bungalos Resort, and the last is where the beach bars Terra Rossa & Deseo are located.

Ioanian Beach Hotel Photos

Gianiskari Beach

Gianiskari is a very nice but secluded beach and thus you must drive through a dirt road in order to get to the beach.

Kalogria Beach

Kalogria Beach is the best of all those beaches, it is very large and lies 45km to the west of Patras (45min), and it is also a NATURA protected habitat for bird and pine tree species.

Beaches on the East of Patras

Most of the beaches on the East of Patras have small pebbles.

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