there are several rafting spots in the rivers in the local and wider area of Western Greece and the Peloponnese:

1) There’s the river Evinos which is near Naupaktos about 30km (to the north) from home:
you can see two websites regarding rafting facilities (the second one is only in greek, but you can translate it in google translate)..  [and some phones of the organizers: +302634026435, +306936746764]

2) There’s the river Trikeriotis which is near Karpenisi about 100km (to the north) from home:
3) There’s the river Tavropos which is near Karpenisi about 160km (to the north) from home:

4) There’s the river Ladonas which is near the border of the prefectures of Achaia and Arkadia, about 120 km (to the south)..

here’s some websites (you can translate them): [phones: 6937 952 787]–.html

5) There’s the river Erymanthos which is about 120 km (to the south) and very close to ancient Olympia (the birthplace of the Olympic Games) for a day trip:

6) There’s the rivers Lousios & Alfeios which are about 200 km to the south, but are somewhat close to ancient Olympia (the birthplace of the Olympic Games) and other destinations for a day trip:
some websites again:

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